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Launched several months ago, Piano Coach Pro is advertised as a comprehensive video piano course. On their sales page, they loudly announce that now... "You don't need to go to music school! Learn how to play piano like a pro right now"

We regret to inform those that may be interested in Piano Coach Pro that this piano course is not at all as advertised, and frankly a poor use of your money. Considering this course is one of the cheapest we've reviewed, that's saying an awful lot. Read on for more...

Piano Coach Pro is a spin-off of Instrument Master Pro, which was created by Jamie Lewis who seems to have gone by the name Jay Dynasty, who is associated with a plethora of dismal music learning sites that seem to have been created for the sole purpose of ripping of would-be musicians. A couple of these sites include Instrument Master Pro and Music Master Pro.


From Piano Coach Pro's main site, they list some of the features their course provides.

Piano Coach Pro says: "200 lessons, 18 Video lessons, 20 audio lessons, Exclusive Jam tracks, exercises, scales, chords, and step by step instructions for all stages. In addition to the exclusive system, you will be given 1000+ scales and arpeggios"

In reality, all you get is approximately 30 minutes of piano video lessons in the member's area, and one short .pdf on piano theory. The site also guarantees regular updates. We haven't seen one addition as of yet and don't expect we ever will. There's no other way of interpreting this than to conclude that Piano Coach Pro is a 100% sham.

The videos are the main component of the course but were recorded at an ultra-low resolution which means that they are very small on your screen. They actually look like they were shot using a webcam, and unfortunately the quality of the teaching is about the same. The videos files are haphazardly thrown together on the video download page in no apparent order. Needless to say, the course material included in this course gets a F for quality. Realize we're not trying to be negative here, but are just reporting it as it is.

The actual video lessons touch on various topics including: common chords, ear training, major arpeggios, and some aspects of rhythm. Mr. Dynasty, who does the teaching does not teach any topic with clarity or very thoroughly, and really isn't much of an instructor we're sorry to say.

Piano Coach Pro currently contains the following:

  • 10 short Piano Instructional Videos (Quicktime format)
  • 1 .pdf on Music Theory
  • 4 piano scales and chord diagrams

One of the few pluses of this course is that you do get access to other courses Jamie Lewis has assembled recently. These courses are on the guitar and violin, and are of similar quality as Piano Coach Pro. This bonus probably won't be helpful the majority of people out there, but it's there nonetheless. In lieu of proper jam tracks, you are given access to Beats365.com which is also appears to be owned by Jamie Lewis.


Piano Coach Pro has a single email address available for you to contact if you want to talk to someone about the course or run into any issues. We have yet to hear back to them about a question we submitted.

Ease of Use

No issues as videos are in quicktime format and therefore are compatible with both PCs and Macs.


Piano Coach Pro fortunately comes with a 60-day guarantee, which is the standard for most downloadable learning products.


Sure, Piano Coach Pro is a cheap course. However in this instance, you really do get what you pay for... actually much less in this case.


There is no reason to bother with Piano Coach Pro as the amount of teaching you receive is less than you would get if you paid for a single 30-minute lesson from a local teacher. Lesson quality is also amateurish at best. If you want a good downloadable piano course, take a look at our top choice in that category, Rocket Piano.

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Review Summary

The newest version of the scam website, Instrument Master, Piano Coach Pro is one to avoid. Enough said.

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