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At first glance, Instrument Master promises to be a bargain piano lesson course. On their sales page, they boldly proclaim themselves to be the "largest music school on the net". If you decide to purchase Instrument Master (a one-time payment of $29.95), not only will do you get all the piano lessons they have, you'll also receive full access to all of their other music courses which include the violin, guitar, drums, and the bass guitar.

Now, at first glance, this all sounds quite impressive. It sounded impressive to us. However, since we've looked at other websites created by the same guy we knew what to expect. We weren't disappointed, as upon further investigation, we found Instrument Master to be a shameless waste of time and money...


Take Note: There are several websites out there that do indeed promote Instrument Master. Please be aware that this is almost always because the site owner's have both an advertising agreement with the company and low set of morals. It would be wise to be suspicious of any review site that recommends this product.

While we don't want to seem totally unfair to the creators of Instrument Master (Greg Evans and Jay Dynasty), this is something that no one in their right mind can recommend to anyone looking to learn the piano. Rock-bottom quality, and hastily thrown-together "lessons", if you can call them that, exposes this course for what it is: A cash-grab scam of epic proportions .

Once you gain access to Instrument Master's member area, you will see scads of banner ads pasted all over the place trying to upsell you on various music-related products and sites, which we found very unprofessional and annoying. The "bonuses" they give out are mostly 3rd party freeware or shareware programs.

Once you locate your lessons, you can download it to your computer. As stated previously, there isn't much material available. The .pdfs are basic in nature, and the video lessons are of amateur quality. We also found that while they say they are constantly adding new lessons to their site, we found this was totally untrue.


On several occasions, we tried to contact the creators of Instrument Master Pro but got no responses. Unfortunately, their "24/7" advertised customer service is also a joke.

Ease of Use

Other than navigating the poorly organized members area, we had no problems.

Lesson material is in .pdf and .mov format and can be played on Windows and Mac computers.


At $29.95, this course is one of the cheaper piano courses we reviewed on this site. However, in our opinion, for what you get, you're paying $29.95 too much for this shlock.

Fortunately, Instrument Master has a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you were unlucky enough to get burned by Instrument Master, you will probably want to use it before the time runs out.


If you are looking for a solid downloadable piano lesson course, Instrument Master Pro is definitely not what you are looking for. See the list of piano lesson on the right hand column of this page for more online piano course reviews.

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Review Summary

Buyer Beware: Instrument Master is not as advertised. This course contains a skimpy 13 QuickTime movies that are poorly shot and don't contain anything remotely worth the thirty bucks this course asks.

Oh, and yes that makes it pretty much a bona fide scam.

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