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  • Rating: (Editor's Choice for Downloadable Piano Lessons)
  • Published By: Rock Star Recipes, Ruth Searle
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  • Pricing: $39.95
  • For Skill Levels: Beginner
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From the makers of the incredibly popular guitar course Jamorama, Rocket Piano has become one of the top downloadable learn piano course on the internet. The course covers many different keyboard styles, including jazz and gospel.

Rocket Piano will take you from a completely non-musical newbie and give you the information and skill you need to become a good intermediate pianist. Rocket Piano's unique teaching methods reduces the steep learning curve that can be a problem with other methods of learning the piano or keyboard.

Your Rocket Piano lessons are guided by Australian Ruth Searle, who has more than 15 years of piano experience, a Bachelor of Arts in her résumé, and really knows her stuff when it comes to the piano.

Rocket Piano takes things slowly and thoroughly, thereby reducing the steep learning curve new pianists face, and making learning the piano a much more enjoyable experience. This eBook course also comes with some decent music games software and other bonuses to keep things engaging. After all, the easiest way to learn piano is by making learning fun and interesting!


Firstly, Rocket Piano's instruction eBooks and materials were well thought out and are of good quality. Their instructional eBooks include a 165 page beginners piano book, a 65 page intermediate's book, and a 59 page advanced pianists book. Also included in the package: Introduction to Jazz, Advanced Techniques, Fingering Techniques and Exercises, and Introduction to Gospel Piano.

One of the coolest features we saw with the Rocket Piano Lessons, is the professionally produced, high-quality jam tracks that you can play along with on the piano as you progress. We liked how they also added a version of each song without piano accompaniment so you can go solo with the band if you wish!

As you go through the books, there will be indicators that point out when you need to either see a movie or play audio. For those who don't really know there way around the computer I could see it being somewhat annoying to have to look up movie and audio files so often.

The bonus software included in the package all help you develop your musical ability and do it in a fun, interactive way. Here are the software titles and other bonuses Included in your Rocket Piano package:

  • Chordinator - Teaches you how to read piano chords off the musical staff
  • Perfect Your Pitch Trainer Pro - Probably our favorite software bonus. Does a great job of developing and training your ear
  • Jayde Musica Pro - Shows how to read music effectively
  • Rocket Piano Metronome - Great way to keep exact time
  • Keycelerator - An unadvertised bonus that you'll find great for identifying music chords.
  • Lifetime Membership - If at a later date, Rocket Piano puts out a new version of their course, you will be able to download it for free as long as you have your membership details.


For online support, Rocket Piano has both a FAQ section in their members area, as well as dedicated email support.

Ease of Use

There is quite a bit of material you'll have to download to start your lessons. Still, with a decent internet connection you can be up and running in a few minutes time. All the software is intuitive, and the lesson material (.pdfs, mp3s, etc) are well organized into folders.

We had no issues downloading our lessons or using the software on our Win XP test machine. All the bonus software ran perfectly. Rocket Piano also has software versions of the bonus software for the Mac available in the member's download area.


Rocket Piano has a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If you decide you don't like Rocket Piano for any reason, you can get you money back without a hassle.


For $39.95, and for the wealth of information and learning tools contained in this software package, this is something you should definitely check out. At this price, you'll come out much farther ahead than if you'd gone with private lessons. Actually, even if you did decide to go with private lessons, Rocket Piano makes for a good, thorough introduction to the keyboard and would compliment lessons with a private teacher.


Of all the downloadable piano courses we've reviewed, we believe Rocket Piano is best. It's not very expensive, gives you way more than your money's worth, and contains all the learning material you need to become a competent pianist.

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Review Summary

Rocket Piano is our #1 pick for downloadable PC-based piano lessons.

Suitable for most beginners, Rocket Piano gets you grounded in the basics of music and the keyboard and gives you a great start to learning the piano. The price is also very good for the quality of the program.

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