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Piano by Pattern

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  • Published By: Self Published, Albert Edge
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  • Pricing: $49.95
  • For Skill Levels: Beginner
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Created for complete beginners, Piano by Pattern was authored by pianist Albert Edge. This course specializes in teaching piano students the basics of learning to play piano by ear by using a much talked about "secret" that Mr. Edge figured out. Does it it do what is promises? Well, yes and no.

If you want your knowledge of the keyboard to amount to being able to play a few lackluster tunes to amuse their half-drunk friends who didn't know a piano from garbage truck, then yes, I think Piano by Pattern could possibly do the job.

Forgive me for being harsh but, it would would be completely dishonest to say that Piano by Pattern could stand in place of a real piano curriculum. It seems that this is probably not what it set out to do in the first place.


Piano by Pattern comes with the following material:

  • 9 main Video Lessons
  • 4 additional Training Video Lessons
  • Free Video Bonus: Secrets to Explosive Songwriting
  • Free eBook Bonus: Read Music Now

The Piano by Pattern basically consists of 14 flash video tutorials which will show you the basics of learning piano by ear. You are given the option to download all of the videos at once in the member's download area, which always an appreciated convenience. The videos were created using Camtasia's screen capturing software, which worked quite well. With these tutorials you can clearly see what piano keys and chords he is playing at any given time as the keys light up when he plays them.

In the first video in the set that we looked at, we were disappointed to see that after only a couple minutes, the audio and video got derailed and became very badly out of synch. There was also an annoying scratching sound playing constantly going of in the background. We were relieved to find that none of the other thirteen videos had these problems.

The bonuses included with the course are just several short .pdfs on chords, notes, and how to read music. I'm pretty sure the .pdfs are just free resources you can find anywhere on the web.


Piano by Pattern's support options are currently limited to email support. Their response time is average.

Ease of Use

The on screen video lesson format makes following Albert Edge's instruction very easy. In the teaching videos you can see exactly what notes he is playing as he plays them as they light up on the screen.

Videos and documentation work with either PC or Mac.


Piano by Pattern guarantees their product with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Though Piano by Pattern recently reduced their selling price from $67 to $49, we still think it's way too high for what amounts to basically learning a few piano chords.


Piano by Pattern is not for those aspiring to become a master pianists, but is mainly for those that just want to learn enough to have a little fun on the piano. For $10 less than what Piano by Pattern charges though, you can get a complete beginner to intermediate piano course by Rocket Piano, which provides much better value.

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Review Summary

While Piano by Pattern's author Albert Edge may genuinely think his course is worth the price of admission, I simply can't believe that he thinks his students are going to get very far past playing a few repetitious and boring tunes on the piano.

Inventive, but impractical way of learning to play piano by ear.

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