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Digital Piano vs. Acoustic Piano

The piano has come a long way since it's invention 500 years ago. The original version has now been replicated and improved countless times, resulting in a large number of different piano styles and with the latest technology, digital pianos have cropped up and become a popular alternative. But which one is right for you? That depends greatly on...

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Taking Care of Your Piano

Properly taking care of your piano first involves making sure that it is stored in a suitable place. The first thing to do to look after you piano is make sure its stored in a suitable place. This means finding somewhere that isn’t too damp. Make sure you keep your piano away from fire places, heaters, as well as air conditioners. Also try and keep your piano (if it’s an upright) away from an outside wall of the house. Keep the piano out of long periods in direct sunlight too, as this will eventually...

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How to Purchase a Keyboard

People have many different questions when it comes to buying a keyboard. How much they should pay, how many keys it needs, etc. A lot of this really depends on the buyer and your own personal preference. The best way to tell if the keyboard is right for you is if it “feels” right. Having said that, there are a few simple guidelines that will...

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Playing Piano by Ear

I often have people ask me about playing a piano “by ear”. What they are referring to of course is learning and being able to play songs just by listening to them.

I remember when I was young, and still learning the piano, watching a person listen to a song on the radio and then quickly walk over to the piano and play what was on the radio. I was very impressed and remember thinking how amazing that was...

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10 Piano Styles You Can Learn to Play

When studying the piano, a student encounters a myriad piano styles. To master the instrument, at least several of these styles must be learned, and all if at all possible. Knowledge of various playing styles enables a pianist to enjoy and play in any genre and to cross-polinate styles to create a fusion he or she can call their own.

Many modern piano styles are based on the blues. The blues involve an emphasis on the major and minor pentatonic scales, with an additional note included...

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Top 10 Jazz Pianists

Want to know who some of the great jazz pianists of all time are? Keep reading to find out...

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